Here’s to the Ladies out there.

Here’s to the Ladies out there.

Winter is coming and that means there will be a whole new season of shoes to choose from, but which ones should you choose? What style should you go with? Should you stay with the typical and give up on incredible shoes just because it’s snowing outside? I say no! Here’s to the ladies who dare to be bold and sexy at the same time by keeping their footwear up to par, even during the snowy months.

Note: Some of these shoes can be inspiring, addicting and choose men to compliment you without knowing why 😉

Now it makes sense that you’ll want a boot to stay warm, but not necessarily so, don’t automatically default to the the typical boot and give in to looking like everyone else. O.K. Probably if you’re wearing a skirt or dress you’ll want some knee high boots, but what about if you’ve got jeans on? Then a lower cut shoe is fine, and it can be amazing. And you can stay in style with a nice heel, too. Don’t go with those flat, just got out of bed “slipper boots” that are so popular these last few years. They’re cute if you’re in sweats, but lack a sense of class. Keep the style bar high.

The fabric should be bold too. Go with colors, or something with a nice feel. Not if you’re going to slush about in a blizzard, but most of the time it’s just cold out, not those type of conditions. So you can do all sorts of things that literally no one else will be wearing and really stand out from the crowd if you like. If it is snowing or if you’re walking to and from class/work, then you may want to stay more in line with typical winter wear, so check out these boots in this video for some ideas.

Regardless of the weather or your locale, let’s remember to keep things warm while looking good at the same time. The men will appreciate it, you will look fabulous and feel warm, and you can use what most overlook in the wintertime and keep your shoes fresh with my favorite accessories of all, shoes!

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